Two important articles about the future of writing

The New York Times ran two important articles yesterday which ALL writers need to read:

The Slow Death of the American Author by Scott Turow,

and, on the future of writing for the Internet:

Sponsors Now Pay for Online Articles, Not Just Ads, by Tanzina Vega.

These are essential to anyone who hopes to keep up with major changes in the world of authors, writers and the Internet.  The fine line between editorial content and advertisements just became even finer!

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2 Responses to Two important articles about the future of writing

  1. Court Jester says:

    Scott Turow’s op-ed piece is bad news indeed, not just for the authors, but literature itself. This downward death spiral is akin to cultures who would hunt an endangered species into extinction to satisfy an immediate need with no concern for the consequences.

  2. Yes, my view is that writers that can actually make a living are on their way out in America, unless you count those who write things like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’…
    Thanks for reading Brett!

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