Why write a blog?

Here’s one of the best posts I’ve read in years to answer this question!  All must answer for themselves…

Why are you writing anyway?

“My ideal is to speak as truthfully as I can, in service to some higher value – justice, beauty, compassion, preserving nature, alleviating poverty, battling corruption, etc… – without concern for the effect upon the audience’s perception of me because this will only dilute the message.

In short, I would rather express my own unique voice and be forgotten than to be some disingenuous flavor of the week.  I’d rather touch a few lives deeply than a million lives superficially.

And I’d rather be rejected as I am than accepted for what I pretend to be.”


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One Response to Why write a blog?

  1. Thanks for sharing this link. I have been keeping in mind that I want to write in my own way and not be influenced by others’ reactions.

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