Gift ideas for Writers: It’s the Midlife Madness sale!

Loyal readers, please listen-up!

Whenever I publish a new book, I am asked to order a certain number of paper copies from my printer.  These books I store in my living room, but I would much rather get them out into the world to start helping people!

So today I am announcing a great new “clean-out-my-living-room sale,” far below the price of my books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 

For $10/copy (including postage in the U.S.), you can purchase either Midlife Magic or How to Believe in Love Again, until my living room supply is gone!

For both books?  How’s about $18 total, including postage!

I have fewer copies of my new book: Find Your Reason to be Here, but I will sell the ones I have for $12/each including postage until they’re gone!

My specialty is personal transformation.  Please consider purchasing my books for holiday gifts for any of your friends and family members who are struggling with midlife madness.  I have survived the dreaded Double D’s (Divorce and Depression) re-married and then became a writer at 50… and YOU can too!

Give yourself or your loved ones new hope to transition into a better life RIGHT NOW!

Please contact me directly at to help you decide if my books are right for you or your friends, and to arrange all purchases. 

Payment can be made by Paypal, and I guarantee shipping within 2 days of your order!

About Laura Lee Carter

Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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