Blog & Book Mentoring

Just about everyone I meet has some topic they would LOVE to write a book about, but where to begin? 

I dug in eight years ago and transitioned into a successful writing career at age 50.   I know how difficult this decision can be.  Becoming a writer can feel so scary!  I waited most of my life because the risk felt so great.  Self-doubt too often keeps us from following through on our most important dreams.

I learned the hard way, and now I’d like to make it easier for you by offering step-by-step coaching from start to finish!

After eight years working as a freelancer writer, five years producing an award-winning popular blog, and after writing, editing and publishing a number of books, e-books, and workbooks in the past four years, I’m now ready to help YOU produce the blog and book of your dreams!

Learn more about the many new, and ever-changing paths now available for self-expression, from someone who has done it all.  I am a natural teacher with decades of classroom experience and regularly provide one-on-one instruction to those who wish to express themselves, and reach others with their writing.

Please allow me to help you explore your creative side, and finally take the risk to share yourself with the world in this way.

Contact me at, if you would like to begin working together to create the blog and/or book of your dreams!

7 Responses to Blog & Book Mentoring

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  5. Just came across your work through Huffpost Third Metric. THANK YOU! You are soooo inspiring as I am in deer need myself of stepping out of the fitness world to my photo/writing/storytelling…I need to read more of our work…


  7. I Love the idea of re imagining ourselves as we step into this new chapter of our lives and not simply going “slowly into the breach…”

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