Books by Laura Lee

Out of the chaos of  my life, your books have been a beacon of hope.”

“How To Believe In Love Again: Opening to Forgiveness, Trust and Your Own Inner Wisdom” is a fabulous book if you truly want to have more love in your life.   It will not only help you understand the nature of love, but also how to find that special someone and  keep your relationships alive and well.   You couldn’t find a better gift to give yourself, a friend, a lover, or family member.   I highly recommend it!”           –  Jed Diamond

Midlife Magic is an exciting journey into positive midlife change, with lots of bonus material!   Laura Lee lost her marriage, her job, her career, and almost her home, before she woke up to the fact that things were NOT working out as she had planned.

Complete with a reference guide and peppered with motivating quotes and resources, this dramatic story of personal transformation provides inspiration as well as a wealth of information about navigating through crisis to opportunity.

Do you ever feel like a loser? Are you ready to feel better about yourself?   This concise, compelling e-book is full of information about how to stop feeling like a loser today, and move on to life changer.  Check out a free excerpt on It comes in every format imaginable for your viewing convenience!

I love the way you write, with a ‘human’ voice.  It’s like listening to an old friend.   You speak from the heart and from experience, which lends credibility.”  – Brett Newmyer

Laura Lee also compiled a companion journal to go with Midlife Magic, called The Midlife Change Workbook.   This workbook helps you acknowledge and process your own internal journey as you confront difficult emotional barriers which keep you from giving yourself EXACTLY what you want.

Contact Laura Lee to purchase a copy of Midlife Magic and this companion workbook for only $20 plus postage at

Here are some reviews of  Laura Lee’s books:

“There are many books about midlife crisis these days.  However, there is something quite compelling about a writer baring her emotional soul to the anonymous reader.   In Midlife Magic, Laura Lee writes a heartfelt and well thought out chronicle of her journey through leaving her abusive marriage and losing her job in her late 40’s to her successful rediscovery of her Self and her own power to change in midlife.    Complete with a reference guide and peppered with motivating quotes and resources, Laura Lee’s book is a quick read, sure to give you a boost of inspiration for managing your own midlife crisis!”   – Boomer, LA

Midlife Magic reads like a talk with a good friend who really, really gets it. Instead of judgment and criticism for all the crazy thoughts and feelings that come with the territory of midlife, we get support, understanding and a conspiratorial, “I know exactly how you feel!”

Using advice, thought-provoking ideas and humble story telling, Midlife Magic inspires and guides us as we do the work of our own midlife crisis.”    –  Karen author of

“Hang on, it all changes!” Laura Lee’s mantra provides hope to all who are struggling with midlife crises. By reading her story, I realized that I am not alone, and it is OK to ask for help. Thanks, Laura Lee.” Barbara Weibel, author of

“Laura Lee makes her own midlife lessons–although difficult–seem essential, achievable, even appealing. I laughed my way through the pages, learning every step of the way. This book is a delight!” Katy Piotrowski, career counselor

“Like a scrapbook of snapshots, Midlife Magic recounts a long journey through a series of adventures in self-discovery. It will certainly help a guy understand what all the fuss is about.” –Philip Persinger, author of Do the Math: a novel of the inevitable

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