Turn your misery into money as a writer!

I was just reminded of an important creative lesson just now by a segment on CBS SUNDAY Morning.  Guess where the idea for Woody the Woodpecker came from?  An annoying real-life woodpecker that an artist could not get rid of!

So he drew him and added his wife’s voice in 1940, later turning up on television as Woody Woodpecker cartoons.  Looking for a creative muse, pick something right in front of you!

I know this experience because as a brand new freelance writer, the first stories I ever sold were about annoying illnesses in our family.  I even sold a short piece to Writer’s Weekly, way back in 2007 called “Freelance Success” on how best to turn your misery into MONEY!

It is true!  Write what you know personally, and keep your eyes open to those annoying little things in your life that others can certainly relate to!

If it annoys you enough, than write about it!

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Laura Lee Carter is the author of this blog and she holds copyright on all materials published.
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